Science Communication

For science communication activities after 12/2023 please refer to my business page and social media.


“Informatik für die moderne Hausfrau” (German for “Computer Science for the modern house wife”)

Since 02/2024

As part of my work as a self-employed science communicator, I am the host of the podcast “Informatik für die moderne Hausfrau” (which – other than the title suggests – is completely unrelated to house wives). In this podcast, I talk to women who are either computer scientists or who have some connection to computer science about topics related to computer science. By doing so, I address a predominantly female audience without prior knowledge in computer science. More information can be found here.

Science Slams

For me, science slams are a great opportunity to communicate research and to explain scientific facts and issues to a public beyond the academic world. By abstracting complex topics and transforming them into an entertaining stage show, I have the chance to impart knowledge and to arouse the audience’s interest and enthusiasm for computer science.

A list of my science slam participations can be found below.

GeoMin Köln


Participation in a science slam in the context of the conference GeoMinKöln 2022 organized by the German Mineralogical Society and the German Geological Society.

Wissenschaft im Dialog


Participation in a science slam on board the ship MS Wissenschaft in Duisburg, organized by Wissenschaft im Dialog gGmbH.

Science & Humanities Slam


Participation in the Science & Humanities Slam organized by the a.r.t.e.s Graduate School for the Humanities Cologne in Cologne.

Essener Wissenschaftssommer


Participation in a science slam as part of the kick-off event of the popular scientific event series 4. Essener Wissenschaftssommer by the city Essen and the Essen Economic Development Agency.

DASA Science Slam


Participation in a science slam organized by the museum DASA Arbeitswelt Ausstellung in Dortmund. A video can be found here.

TU Dortmund Science Slam


Winner of the second science slam organized by the graduate center of TU Dortmund University. A video can be found here.